Things Bostonians Dislike: The Lakers

Boston is a sports city. Boston is a team city. They have a sports bar at every corner, next to the Dunkin’ Donuts and the Starbucks. Boston is nuts about sports. That said, there are some sports that Boston, and therefore Bostonians, prefers over others: basketball over soccer, baseball over football (the American kind). Which of these take precedence and preference is a matter of season. In basketball, the Boston Celtics are gods of the city. Their mortal enemies are the L.A. Lakers

Although much of Boston’s population is rather preppy/yuppie, and given to the opinion that most sports are too masculine (no leaving out the females, dude!) and aggressive (we’re all for world peace here, yo), for some reason this doesn’t stop them from being totally for the annihilation of the five men who comprise the Lakers team and anyone who supports them. Therefore, be forewarned: Do not, repeat, do NOT enter Boston, especially after nightfall, wearing a Lakers shirt, or paraphernalia.
Similar to the British obsession with football (their version), sports in Boston are partially an excuse to be violent and to get drunk at odd hours of the day.  However, not all of Boston’s obsession with their teams can be boiled down to a repressed (and then expressed, during game time) need for violence. My belief is that it can be traced back to the days of the revolutionary war. Boston was one of the first colonial cities to oppose the tyranny of the British, the most famous act being the Boston Teaparty. Since then, Boston has become a liberal bastion as it were, eschewing things such a patriotism, nationalism, and tea. However, deep down, the old nature of Boston desires to re-assert itself.
The result is such: The Lakers have somehow become equated in Bostonians’ minds with the tyrannical British, circa 1770s. And by crushing them on the court, and their fans off court, they are being patriotic and nationalistic, despite their firmly held beliefs that these things are evil.


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