Dunkin’ Donuts Vs. Krispy Kreme

Dunkin’ Donuts seems to be the coffee/donut shop of choice in the north-east, specifically, Boston. This, dear reader, is an unfortunate thing, due to the inferiority of Dunkin’ Donuts’ donuts. They are, in point of fact, not very good. As I discovered in my recent purchase. The glaze was waxy, the powdered sugar tasteless. The jelly, despite its acceptable flavor, was meagre, to the extent of being miserly. The texture of the dough, instead of being light, was heavy, smooshing dryly between my teeth – this is a sign of an old donut. Donuts do not survive long; in the pastry world, they are the beautiful butterflies that die in a day. The best time to eat a donut is right after it is made. However, any self-respecting donut will maintain most of its best qualities for a reasonable amount of time, even up to 12 hours. After this period of time, they can be re-animated to a certain extent by an 8-12 second heat in a microwave oven.

However, my recent purchase from Dunkin’ Donuts was made at noon. Assuming that the donuts are made fresh each day (as is advertised in their shop window) the donut holes I purchased should have been well within the acceptable time frame of good donut. They were not. I cannot speak for the coffee, since I have never tasted it, but they do not call themselves a coffee-shop – donuts is in the title, and therefore they have accepted the responsibilities of a donut shop. They (meaning Dunkin’ Donuts) have failed. Krispy Kremes, of which there is a noticeable lack in this city, would pwn Dunkin’ Donuts’ sorry tail in a fight. However, being unable to witness such a spectacle, I am left to finish my mediocre donuts in silence and sadness.

All hail the Kremes.


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  1. Pierre Bellville Said:

    How sad! Personally, my preference is neither. While I enjoy donuts, I rather prefer a nice muffin, which are difficult to ruin. If I remember correctly, I had quite a delicious blueberry muffin from Dunkin’ Donuts in Boston a few years ago.

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